NBA Expert Picks and Predictions Today (2024)

Free NBA Computer Picks

Our NBA computer picks use advanced analytics and a proprietary algorithm to predict how a game will unfold. We provide the AI software with a vast range of past performance data and head-to-head records from previous seasons and the current season, which allows it to anticipate how many points each team will score.

Bookmark this page to receive regular NBA computer picks and read on for more information about how these complex algorithms and basketball picks can help you improve your betting strategy and beat the NBA odds offered by sportsbooks.

How do NBA computer picks work?

We use a sophisticated AI program in our pick model. The software studies a huge volume of data on the past performances of each team and player. That allows the statistical model to perform mathematical calculations to determine the offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

It runs a large series of simulations and aggregates its findings. The program then delivers a projected final score for the game. We can use that information to glean moneyline, totals and point spread picks. No human bias is involved in these premium picks, which focus only on statistics. Erasing the possibility of human error helps you make the best NBA bets possible.

Free Professional Basketball Picks for This Week

We provide free NBA computer picks on the biggest games of the week. There is often a tight turnaround between NBA games, so it can be difficult for expert handicappers to crunch the numbers ahead of each tipoff and come up with their predictions for the next upcoming game.

Our algorithm performs millions of calculations far quicker than any human, so it can provide useful predictions amid the cut and thrust of the regular NBA season. You can find basketball picks for the following bet types:

Moneyline Computer Picks

A moneyline bet is a straight wager on which team will win an NBA game. Our moneyline picks provide suggestions on how a game will end. It will highlight the favorites that deserve that status and the underdogs that could spring a surprise.

Against the Spread Computer Picks

The point spread is the most popular choice for betting on basketball games. For against the spread betting, the betting sites issue one team a points handicap, allowing them to offer similar odds on either team covering the resulting spread. Our NBA against the spread computer picks can help you decide which way to play it.

Total Points Computer Picks

Our NBA total computer picks highlight whether “over” or “under” will pay off in the estimations of our AI program. It focuses on a variety of key stats to map out the number of points each team will score and it can provide useful results for anyone interested in betting on the total points line.

Player Props Computer Picks

NBA player prop bets are available at all the leading online sportsbooks. Our NBA player prop computer picks can work out whether “over” or “under” will land on individual player performance markets such as total player points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, field goals and three-point field goals.

They focus on an individual’s performances against similar opponents and project how he will fare against a particular team, so you can make the best bets on key players in a matchup.

Parlay Computer Picks

Parlay bets combine multiple predictions for a single wager. You can create NBA parlay picks by combining your favorite computer picks at OddsTrader. You can also place round robins or teasers.

Resources & Tips for Using Betting Picks

In addition to the basketball picks that we provide, we also offer numerous other online sports betting resources and betting tips which bettors should take advantage of in order to start making more well-informed betting decisions, such as:

NBA Game Odds for This Week

OddsTrader helps you quickly compare the best NBA odds at all the best legal online sportsbooks in your state, such as BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings and PointsBet. When you have identified NBA computer picks you like, use our grid to find the best odds and betting lines available from the top-rated online sportsbooks. That will maximize your potential winnings on every basketball bet you place.

Against the Spread Season Records

It is helpful to stay on top of each team’s ATS record throughout the basketball season — including home and away ATS records. Our NBA against the spread season records display the information in a neat and user-friendly format and they are always updated after every game.

Weekly Public Betting Consensus

The weekly NBA betting public consensus highlights the teams that have proved popular among sports bettors. The sportsbooks often respond by moving the line when most of the action goes on one team.

They make it less appealing to bet on the popular team and more appealing to wager on the unloved team. That helps them spread their risk out. These betting trends also give professional bettors opportunities to fade the public — pouncing on generous terms offered on the unpopular team.

Weekly NBA Injury Report

You will never miss a beat with our NBA injury reports. Many bettors understand the frustration of learning all too late that a key player was injured, causing their wager to bust. That will not be a problem if you absorb our detailed roster information before placing bets.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Basketball Betting

Check out our guide to the best NBA sportsbooks to find elite mobile apps and websites in your state. We only recommend legal, licensed operators that provide generous bonuses, secure payouts and lots of NBA betting options. You can sign up with a few of our top NBA sportsbooks and compare the betting odds they are offering on any bet you would like to place.

NBA Picks: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place bets on NBA games?

Legal NBA betting apps and websites are now up and running in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

How do you bet on NBA games?

To bet on NBA games you need to choose a reputable sportsbook, create an account, deposit funds and select the game and bet type. Common bet types include moneyline, point spread and totals (over/under).

Do NBA computer picks always win?

NBA computer picks do not always win but they do have a solid success rate. Bet models focus solely on past team performances, team statistics and player statistics. They leave no stone unturned when analyzing data, which allows them to make accurate basketball predictions.

Why should I choose NBA computer picks?

You should choose NBA computer picks if you want betting advice focused purely on advanced statistics. The computer can make calculations based on real-time statistical inputs far more quickly than even the most experienced handicappers, helping you be more successful with your betting experience.

How often do moneyline favorites win in the NBA?

Moneyline favorites in the NBA win more often than not, but the frequency can vary due to a variety of factors. It depends on factors like the strength of the teams, injuries and home-court advantage. However, you can expect a heavy favorite team to win around 67.25% of the time.

How many games per team during the NBA season?

During a regular NBA season, each team typically plays 82 games. This includes 41 home games and 41 away games, providing a balanced schedule for all teams in the league. In total, there are 1,230 NBA games played during the regular season, meaning there are plenty of betting opportunities.

NBA Expert Picks and Predictions Today (2024)
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