Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan (2024)

Autemeiivs Autometivt THE LANSING STATE JOURNAL Announcements In New Post Musicians' Post Enters Protest fused use of the auditorium for joint social meetings and dinners. They pointed out that on Jan. 28, 1950 the Capitol City Pup Tent No. 5, Military Order of the Cootie, held a dinner and meeting in the auditorium. The matter was referred to the council buildings and properties committee for investigation and consideration.

Aid. Earl Coller, chairman of the committee, pointed out that the operation of the Veterans building was handled by the veterans council. This brought a retort from Aid. Eno M. Helms who asserted that "whoever is running it is doing it in a loose manner." He asserted that the veterans have some Vex- Scouts Observe Parents' Night Troop 2 of East Lansing Holds Annual Program More than 100 parents, friends and members of Troop 2, Peoples church, East Lansing, joined Monday night at the church in the annual Parents' Night observance of one of Lansing's oldest Boy Scout troops.

The entire program was put on by the boys of the troop with Eagle Scout Richardson as the master of ceremonies. Contests and exhibi AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 11 PLYMOUTH 1949 Special deluxt elub coupe, black, white wall tires large radio, large air conditioning neater, seat covers. Exceptional on owner car. Be sure and see this one. Bailey Smitn.

42: s. Grand. Phone 5.22L PLYMOUTH 1946 Special deluxe 4-door. Low mneage. rtaaio, ers, back up lights, spotlight.

This car iiratt tw 1 IS 11 new. iUUi Bci. Utter Auto Sales, 3214 N. East sU Phon 54927 or 23034- xr -T TtT iairUn 1-kUT TT1 jT Zt. new tires, une owner, mu, Turner or after 6 p.

m. 711 Princeton. PLYMOUTH 1947 2-door sedan. Th's low mileage car is piwuvxw throughout. Has radio, heater, other extras.

Al Norris. 1621 N. Urcn across from Motor WheeL Phone S2al6. Open evenings. PLYMOUTH 1939 2-door, in A-l condi tion, and priced amanngiy row.

naa Dingman. 1415 E. Michigan. Phone 92383. Open evenings.

66 War ted to Buy b6A Wanted to Rent, Miscellaneous 66B Miscellaneous for Rent ROOMS AND BOARD 67 Rooms with Board 67A Rooms Out of Town 68 Rooms Without Board 6 Rooms for Housekeeping 70 Vacation Places 71 Where to Eat 72 Where to Stop in Town 73 Wanted Rooms or Board REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74 Apartments and Flats 74A Garages for Rent 74B Apartments Out of Town 75 Business Places for Rent 76 Farms and Land for Rent 77 Houses for Rent 78 Office and Desk Room 79 Resort for Rent 80 Suburban for Rent 80A Out of State for Rent 81 Wasted to Rent REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Brokers in Real Estate 82 Business Property for Sate 83 Farms and Land for Sale 84 Hoibes for Sale 85 Lots for Sale 86 Resort for Sale 87 Suburban for Sale 87A Land Contracts 87B Out of State for 88 To Exchange Real Estate 89 Wanted Real Estate AUCTIONS LEGALS Claim It Wa Refused Use Of Building Members of the city council received protests Monday night from the Douglas McDonald Musicians Post No. 621, V. F. W. and its auxiliary, relative to alleged discrimination by the United Council of Vet erans Organizations in refusing the organization use of the auditorium of the Veterans Memorial building.

The group claimed they were re- plaining to do" concerning recent activities in the building. PLYMOUTH 1949 Suburban. 8.000 miles. $500 reduction. Phone 90014.

I 1 -'-W-T" 1 tions featured the entertainment land showed progress members of the troop had made in the past year. Records show that 18 members of the troop have advanced two or more ranks during the past year with the troop now having nine first class Scouts, two Life Scouts land one Eagle. Arthur Wilcox, staff member of the forestry department at Michigan State college, is the Scoutmaster. I Ed Fitting, neighborhood Scout commissioner, presented the troop charter and spoke briefly on the national Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge this summer. Other I officials attending included Col.

Dorsey Rodney, council commissioner; Dr. Wilbur Bailey, and Arthur Lyons, past presidents of the Chief Okemos council. Kenneth Osborn and Frank Thorp, won awards in the wood carving contest and Thorp's rattle-! snake patrol won top honors in table decorations and signaling contests. Bob Richardson was first in the fire by flint and steel contest. Polar Bear awards for winter camping were 'presented to Dick Doane, Kenneth Sandy.

Jim Faust and Larry Lyons. 1 A bohemian dinner was held prior to the entertainment. i Legal Notice STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court lor trie county of Ingham. At a session of said court, held at the pro bate office in the city of Mason, in said county, on the 23rd day of January. A.

D. 1950. Present: Hon. John McCleilan, judge of probate. In the matter of the estate of ANNA DIGBY, deceased.

Harry J. Digby having filed in said court his final administration account, and his petition praying for the allowance thereof, and for the assignment and distribution of the residue of said estate. It is ordered, that the 20th day of February. A. D.

1950, at 8 o'clock in the forenoon, at the probate office at 205 W. Saginaw Lansing. Michigan, be and is hereby appointed for examining and allowing said account and hearing said petition; 'It is further ordered, that public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy this order once each week for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, in The State Journal, a news-i paper printed and circulated in said county. John McCleilan. judge of pro-i bate.

(A true copy) David C. Beatty. reg- ister of probate. N-82 Do you worry about your heart? Suffer the haunting fears that can undermine both your physical and mental well-being? A visit to your doctor may well prove your fears to be foolish fancy. But if they are real, isn't it better to know and to obtain the benefits of medical science which has made such great strides in the treatment of heart ailments? Through faithful observance of the physician's advice, the person with "heart trouble" can live a long and practically normal life.

Today, countless thousands are doing just that thanks to proper medical diagnosis and advice. Always Fresh Prescription Drugs 'jmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmummmmmmammmmmmmMmmmmm MICHIGAN'S GREAT CAPITAL DMLY 14 Tues, Feb. 14, 1950 M.S.C. Sophom*ore Claims Title of fit: lt I ItS 3 1T1UIL Fame rests lightly, but immaculately, on Grant A. Kersten, 3626 Somerset, Detroit, a physical edu cation sophom*ore who became per haps the cleanest man in Michi gan State college without half trying.

Kereten, in fact, is getting a little weary of taking 15 showers a week after each of his 15 hours a week classes. This is the way it hap pened, and Kersten is sorry it ever did. Because he wants to work at a summer camp after June, Kersten had to cram in all the physical education courses he could lay a muscle to. The curriculum is set up in one- hour sessions, and rules at M. s.

require a shower after each hour of exercise. "You have to take a shower often or you wouldn't be able to live with yourself" mused Kersten. "When I get back to the boarding house, I take another one out of sheer force of habit." But, while he now spends about two hours a week taking showers, the spring quarter will be worse. "I'm going to take 15 credits of swimming courses then," Kersten said, "and I'll have to take two showers every hour one before and one after. Council Approves Union's Request The U.

A. I. O. union was granted permission by city council Monday night to use sound equipment at gates to local General Mo tors plants on Feb. 20 to 22 inclu sive when shop elections are to be held under supervision of the Taft-Hartley act.

Russell White, regional director of the union, explained in a communi cation that his organization wanted to place sound tracks at the north and south gates of Fisher Body corporation, and at the Logan and Pine street gates to Oldsmobile Division of General Motors and Olds-mobile forge plant gates "to remind workers of their obligation to vote in the election." "We will not be instructing these people how to vote but merely reminding them of their obligation to vote," White's letter explained. keep up employ i JIM- 1 imw.mmmmiui-miw 4.raiiiiiiwraLW nj. mv jv js Ofe; Jftv ifJ What dya Hrtn 5( r- 111 Pl IT tor AfBi im PERSONALS INCOME TAX Returns prepared at jour of office, day or evening, by a former Internal revenue deputy collector. Cecil L. Draper, phone 3475 CfCOME TAX ASSISTANCE Reasonable rates.

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Michigan atA.Ilen.Phor.e 52212. VITAMINS -Always a fresh stock of nationally advertised brands at Moore's Pharmacy, 2004 E.Michigan. WOULD Like to adopt baby. Write Box 135, State Journal. LOST, FOUND AND STRATED 1 BEAGLE HOUND 14 years old.

last seen around Okemos-Mason road near high school. Finder call Don Holloway. 87981. BILLFOLD LOST Saturday night on W. St.

Joseph between Butler and Birch. Reward. Phone 57315. ENGLISH SETTER Female, white with black specks, lost north of city limits. Reward.

Phone 40708. PURSE Small, black, containing ill $10 and 2 5c. Lost in vicinity of Forest and Mt. Hope Finder call 48878. GOLD COMPACT Saturday night at Sepeter's Hunt Room.

Valued as a gift. Reward. Phone 24860. LIVER AND WHITE POINTER Strayed from 221 E. Main.

Reward. Phone 90102. Automotive AIRPLANES AA JOIN Lansing Pilot association. For information call Aero Manor. 28777.

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FORD 1942 Club coupe. Radio, heater. excellent mechanical condition. Popular black finish. February Special! Free license wiih every used car sold.

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17 and 23 Open evenings until 10. FORD 1949 deluxe 4-door. Radio, heater, white side walls, etc. 5 000 miles. $1,595.

Or 1948 Mercury 2-door sedan with same equipment. 10.000 miles. $195. Take your choice, only one for sale. Private party.

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Michigan. Phone 92388. Open evenings. FORD 1937 2-door. rebuilt good tires.

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4-door. dark green color, fully equipped, priced right. Whitey Hodgson, Lie, 1917 W. Saginaw. Phone 21403.

FORD 1941 Super deluxe 4-door. Radio and heater. Very clean throughout. Whitey Hodgson, 1917 W. Saginaw.

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m. LINCOLN' 1949 4-door. Has radio, heater, overdrive, nylon seat covers, beautiful blue finish. Looks and runs like new. Whitey Hodgson, 1917 W.

Saginaw. Phone 21403. MERCURY 1942 Club coupe, black, radio, heater, spot light. See this one. Bailey-Smith, 425 S.

Grand. Phone 57221. MERCURY 1949 4-door. Radio, heater, overdrive, white sidewalls and skirts. Perfect condition.

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Phone 96515. OLDSMOBILE 1949 98 sedan, fully eauipped, spotlight, satin cover, etc. Spare never used. $2,095. Also several 1946-1947-1948 sedans at very low prices.

McClintock-Cadillac. 2400 E. Michigan. OLDSMOBILE 1949 "76" club sedan. oOO miles.

Deluxe heater, deluxe steering wheel. $1,625. Owner. Call 71536. OLDSMOBILE 1941 club coupe: hydra matic drive, radio, heater.

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Private owner. $445. Phone 97738. OLDSMOBILE 1947 Club sedan, excel lent condition. 1-owner car.

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OLDSMOBILE 1949-76 4-door, hydramatic. semi-deluxe, visor, seat covers, radio, heater. $1,775. 2404 Maplewood. Phone 20417.

OLDSMOBILE 1949 "76" club sedan with hvdramatic and deluxe equipment. 6.400 miles. 1010 W. Barnes, west entrance, after 6 p. m.

OLDSMOBILE 1937 2-door. Clean, me chanically good, good tires. COLDSMOBILE 1936 2-door. Really sharp. New metallic paint, lnis is a oeauty.

Trade and terms. Open evenings. Wayne Auto Sales. zil a. t-edar.

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1717 PLYMOUTH 1946 Sedan. Here is a car that definitely proud to guarantee and priced exceptionally low. Russ Dir.gman. 1415 E. Michigan-Phone 92386.

Open eveniegs. PLYMOUTH 1940 convertible, broken block, has automatic top. oood tires, $100. CTa J8873 after 7 p. m.

PLYMOUTH 1948 4-door sedan, beautiful black finish, brand new tires. fu equipped. "Priced with you in mind." Al Edwards, Inc. (formerly Spartan Motor Sales), Grand River at Saginaw. Open 9 to 9.

Phone 96515. PLY MOUTHS 19463 to choose from. 4- doors, z-aoors. excellent condition, reasonably priced, take your choice. Bai-ley-Snuth, 425 S.

Grand. Phon 57221 PLYMOUTH 1939 Deluxe, excellent condition, good tires, fully equipped. Reo sonable. 228 Wood lawn. Call S4033.

PLYMOUTH 1939-Business coupe, will sell for $285 cash or trade for equity in late model car. Call after i p. in. PLYMOUTH 1947 Club coupe. $300 will handle this one and you can be sure of economical and dependable transportation.

State Motors Used Car Showroom. 1611 E. Kalamazoo. Phone 21301. Open to 8 p.

m. PLYMOUTH 1947 4-door. This car has been well cared lor and we will recommend it as good investment in economical and dependable transportation. $3n0 will handle at State Motors Used Car Showroom, 1611 E. Kalantazoo.

Call 21301. Open to 9 p. m. PLYMOUTH 1941 Special deluxe 2-door. good running condition.

Special. $295. C. T. Auto Sales.

2012 W. Saginaw. Phone 51022. PONTIAC 1947, 6. Radio, air conditioning.

40.000 Phone 89077. Jenkins- PONTIAC 1943 4-door deluxe 2-tone gray, hydramatic drive. Air conditioning heater, radio, oversize tires, satin seat covers. Cadet visor, original owner. 7.360 actual miles.

$1,450. May be seen at 218 Clifford st. Phone 40394 PONTIAC 1936 4-door. Good condition. Reasonable.

Phone 46044or 27179. PONTIAC 1940 2-door. radio, heater. Ebony black finish. Clean as a whip.

"Priced with you in mind." Al Edwards, Inc. (formerly Spartan Motor Sales. Grand River at Saginaw. Open 9 to 9Phone96515. PONTIAC 1946 "8" 2-door.

Radio, heai-er. low mileage, clean. Only $995. Easy terms. Best trades.

Gibson Motor Sales. 2101-03 E. Michigan. Phone 41021. PONTIAC 1937 2-door.

good condition. Radio, heater, $200. Phone 52777. 1535 New York. PONTIAC 1948 2-door deluxe, very clean, hydramatic.

Group 1 accessories. Priced right. Phone 87761. PONTIAC 1950 "6" 2-door deluxe, hy-dramatic. 2-tone grey, radio, heater, accessories.

Discount. 1012 A. Birch M. S. C.

PONTIAC 1939 6 four-door, heater, very good condition throughout, clean. David Son, 2410 N. East at Larch Phone 554 54. STUDEB AKER 1947 Commander 4-door. Beautiful dark green finish.

Equipped with white sidewaii tires, radio, heater, and overdrive. February Special! Free license with every used car sold. This offer limited. Hurry! Harold Chaffin. 604 E.

Michigan. Phone 21285, exL 17 and 23. Open evenings until 10. STUDEB AKER 1947 deluxe 4-door. Ra dio.

beater, special $895. Ray Fisher Auto Sales. 1608 W. Saginaw. Phone 49654.

STUDEBAKER 1950 Champion deluxe 4-door, 2.000 miles. Will take trade-in. Call 25691 and save money. STUDEBAKER 1950 4-door Champion Regal deluxe, radio, heater, overdrive, etc. Consider trade-in.

May be seen at 638 Edison. TERRAPLANE 1937 Sedan, 1 owner. Or.ginal black finish. Immaculately clean, low mileage. Radio and heater, new tires.

Priced very cheap. Russ Dingman. 1415 F. Michigan. Phone 92338.

Open evenings. A "CHECK WITH CHAFFIN" WILL PROVE OUR POINT-BETTER BUYS ALL WAYS 1942 CHEVROLET 4-door $595 1940 CHEVROLET 2-door $495 1939 CHEVROLET 2-door $225 1942 FORD Club coupe S595 1941 FORD 2-door $445 1838 FORD 2-door $145 1936 FORD 2-door 95 1941 PONTIAC 2-door $445 1841 CHRYSLER 4-door $395 1941 DESOTO Club coupe 1940 BUICK 4-door $445 1940 FORD 2-door $395 FEBRUARY SPECIAL Free license plate with every used car sold This offer limited. Hurry I HAROLD CHAFFIN. INC. 604 E.

MICHIGAN PHONE 21285 EXT. II AND 2J OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 10 ALWAYS A CLEAN DEAL AT DEAN Sc HARRIS-NORTH LOT 413 E. Grand PHONE 45993 WEST LOT 192S W. Saginaw PHONE 40318 FORD 1949 Custom 4-door, radio, heater $1,295 FORD 1949 Custom 2-door, heater, defrosters $1,295 FORD 1949 Club coupe, heater, defrosters $1,295 FORD 1949 pick-up, like new $1,050 FORD 1947 Super deluxe 2-door FORD 1847 Deluxe 2-door $875 FORD 1946 2-door sedan $335 HUDSON 18416 cylinder 2-door CHRYSLER 1941 4-door $350 CHEVROLET 1948 Two-door Style-master $1,075 DODGE 1840 4-door sedan $295 PLYMOUTH 1940 4-door sedan PLYMOUTH 1937 4-door sedan ...850 CHEVROLET 1936 Two-door, good motor $40 PONTIAC 1937 2-door $40 PONTIAC 1936 2-door $40 NASH 1937 2-door $40 PONTIAC 1937 Club coupe $40 FORD 1930 2-door $40 FORD 1937 2-door $7 FORD 1937 2-door 75 FORD 1935 2-door DRIVE IN Let's trade CASH, TERMS Or trade at either lot. 90 Auction Sales RATES AND RULES- LOCAL, CLASSIFIED "CASH" RATES EFFECTIVE DEC.

1. 1943 DAILY AND SUNDAY DIAL 4-1351 Words Lines I lDay'3 Days 5 Days 17 Days Up to 15! 31 .751 16 to 201 l.OOl 21 to 2 51 5j 1.25 26 to 301 1.56T $1621 2.55' 3.15 3.401 4 20 4.25! 5.25 5.10! 6.30 5.95J 7 .35 6.30! 8.40 7.65! 9.45 8.50! 10.50 3 1 to 35! 7l 1 7 5 3 36 to 401 2 001 4.32j 41 to 451 9J 2.251 4:86 46 to 501 101 2 50! 5.401 51 to 55! 11! 2.751 to 55! ill 2.75! 5.94! 9.351 11.55 56 to 601 12! 3 001 6.48! 10.20!12 60 61 to 651 13! 3.25! 7.02! ii.05! 13 65 66 to 70! 14! 3.50! 7.56! 11.90! 14.70 Each Additional 5 Words Add 25cl S4cF 85cl 81.05 The above rates apply to all CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING paid at the time of placing the order or if ordering by telephone and paid within 10 days from date of last insertion. All classified advertisem*nts except "Lost and Found" must be in the Journal office BEFORE 5 p. m. the day PRECED ING publication.

Lost and found ads will be accepted until 12 noon for publication same day or until 5 m. Saturday for puoiication bunoay. Classified department open 8 a. m. to 5 p.

m. daily except Sunday for accepting orders trom persons who are listed in the Lansing telephone or city directory including telephone subscribers in Dimondale. Holt, Potterville, Mason and H. F. D.

Journal subscribers. Ads may be placed at the counter or bills paid until P. ra. daily except iunctay. Kill or correction orders to be effective same da.v must be received before 10 a.

m. or for Sunday editions before 5 m. Saturday. Check your ad. report errors promptly.

The State Journal does not a-surae responsibility for errors in tele- pnone orders nor lor more tnan one in correct insertion when accepted under other circ*mstances. ALL CLASSIFIED ads are restricted to proper classifications and The State Journal's regular style of type and ad styles. N'o advertisem*nt accepted for less than the basis of 3 lines. 75c CASH. 84c CHARGE for any one insertion.

Count 5 averase 6 letter words to the line. Out-of-town orders beyond immediate vicinity of Lansing accepted on a CASH basis only or may be placed through the State Journal correspondent in your community. All ads ordered for 2 or more days and stopped before expiration will only be charged for the number of insertions the ad appeared and adjustment will be made at the rate earned. Announcements MAIL IN BOXES AT 10 A. 12 13 14 16 24 30 36 40 43 76 83 91 93 95 101 104 116 117 120 124 127 130 131.

DEATHS CARD OF THANKS TOMAN We wish to thank our kind friends and neighbors for their thoughtful sympathy and beautiful floral offerings during our sad bereavement. MRS. CARL TOMAN IX MEMOR1AM FLOWERS, MOURNING GOODS 4 QUALITY FLOWERS And prompt de livery, outstanding tunerai arrangements. Flowers telegraphed. Black's Colonial Flower and Gift Shop.

Phone 51431 and 85614 FUNERAL FLOWERS Expertly and per- fectly arranged. Insist 011 greenhouse freshness. Don Q. Flowers, 2224 N. Grand River.

Phone 45387. MONUMENTS, CEMET'RY LOTS 6 DELANO GRANITE WORKS, INC. Why not buy your monument, mausoleum or marker this modem way Quarry to factory cemetery! Largest plant in the world selling direct. B. W.

Fish, district manager. 1047 E. Grand River, East Lansing. Phone 82715 or 29618. DEEPDALE Cemetery, and 10 burial lots.

Phone 232 4. QUALITY MEMORIALS At fair prices. ifloj Sin 11UIIUII1CH amcc ion. rw E. Michigan.

55646; GOOD TASTE In moument design established now will always endure. The guidance of Yuuker Memorials, in the creation of our own family memorial was invaluable yet gratifyingly reasonable in cost." 1116 E. Mt. Hope. Phone 41433.

PERSONALS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS May be reached by f. (j. Box i or pnone 20624. ALWAYS BUYING Newspapers, magazines, corrugated boxes, rags, metals. E.

Southst. Phone55410. A TENDER. JUICY DELIGHT That's golden fried chicken served only at the "Poplars." Plan to have your Bnquet, luncheon or dinner party in our beautiful dining room accommodating up to 200. Also chicken to take out.

Phone 82113 A-l INCOME TAX SERVICE Every day from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Call Strang, 21772.

Corner Adams at 1007 N. Cedar. ABDOMINAL Supports, trusses, eiastic stockings. Quality prescription service. Nationally advertised vitamin products.

McFarlane Drug.334S. Washington A. A. A. OFFICIAL Sheets Service, day or night.

Wrecker service calls, any kind. Phone 91258 or 506 S. Washington. ALL THE" VITAMINS For children of all ages. Make Sisco Drug Store your vitamin headquarters.

We know vitamins! 333 S. Washington. A BRAND New store, to serve your needs in Foam Rubber. Pillows, mattresses, cushions, carpet underlay, odd sizes, all shapes and density. Plastic drapes, table covers, aprons, at Lansing's only Foam Rubber Store.

2422 S. Cedar. Phone 57010. ATTENTION Vi-gere' food users. Unable to contact your representative? Call 48891 nsmgoffice- ANNOUNCEMENT! Loepke Shirt Alteration Shop moved from 503 Busch bidg.

to 203'; S. Washington. ARE YOU SUFFERING From stomach disorders? Get prompt safe relief with Willard's tablets. Trial size only $1.00. North Side Pharmacy, Washington at Grand River.

ANNOUNCING Clock, watch repair while U-wait or 3-day service. Guaranteed. Willis Jewelry.2617 S.Cedar. ASTHMANEFRIN For temporary relief of symptoms of bronchial asthma and hay fever. Easy to use.

Sold on money-back guarantee. Curtis Cut Rate Drugs. 600 E. Ka lajnazqO; BARIL'S REXALL DRUG Offers com-p'ete and prompt prescription service. l.5 S.

Washington. BEADLE HOSPITAL For chronic and convalescent care. Phone 27075. 1300 High st. BE LOVELY To look at.

this economical easy way. The perfect permanent hair style for you, only $3 95 and up. Mary's Beauty Shop, 80S N. Cedar st. Phone 41568.

BELTS Buckles covered. Buttons 5c. Buttonholes 5c. Larson Sewing Machine 218 S. Grand.

Call 9001L BLUE RIBBON 4-H beef is now being served daily at popular prices at the Varsity Drive-in. 1 block east of East Lansing on US-! 6. CHICKEN DINNERS A taste treat you'll enjoy served at tne fa*goaa, xit Michigan. Closed Mondays. CULLIGAN SOFTWATR SERVICE Now available on a service basis.

No equipment to buy, no work to do. $2.50 per month ior the average family. $2.75 outside 10 mile circle. Phone Lansing 80415 for information. DEBTS Feb.

14. 1950. On and after this date I will not be responsible for any debts not contracted by myseif. Richard D. Misener.

3535 Bergman. DETECTIVE AGENCY Collection bu reau. Confidential. Phone S4i iul DeRose. 711 W.

Kalnazoo. DRIVING TO TUCSON, ARIZ. Would uke to leave immediately, take 1 or 2 passengers. Exchange references. Phone 47125.

GET GAS At night at Mac's 24-hour All-Car Service. Washington at Saginaw. Also wrecker service. Phone 93910. HOSPITALIZATION Individual or fam ily, no age limit, stay at low rates.

Cad J. C. Walters, 41474. 208 HoIIister bidg. INCOME TAX ASSISTANT And private detective.

Notary public. Phone 93900. N. Capitol Anona L. Bee be Sr.

Service Bureau. MAURICE II. PANCOST Mr. Pancost, principal at Technical high school, was named director of public school vocational education by board of education meeting Monday evening. Recommendation for the appointment was made by Supt.

Dwight H. Rich. Mr. Rich told-members that the appointment would make a total program of vocational education more effective. Traffic Arrests VIOLATION OF PEDESTRIAN ORDINANCE Clifford T.

Frederick, bill S. Foster ve. SPEEDING Wendell G. Fuller, R. 3, Mason.

Eucene Roy. Detroit. Francis J. Ricbter, Grand Rapids. Harry J.

Kelly, Hot) W. JLapeer St. James Brown, Hill st. RAN RED LIGHT Bert H. fellows.

R. 3, Mason. Virsil E. Green, 31 6 E. Lenawee st.

NO SAFETY STOP Alex Barber, 4 Allen st. Earl Bryan, S. Pennsylvania ave. UNSAFE MANNER Mark H. Jones, Potterville.

Francis J. Work. 1508 Bailey st. IMPROPER BACKING Carl H. Lacko.

5i8x Glenwood st. BASIC SPEED Vera M. Masters. East Lansinc. Bennie Thomas Morsan, lilu W.

Shiawassee St. Roma M. Waters. Antwerp. O.


Carpenter, R. 4, I.ansinx. Raymond A. Hafner. R.

1. Holt. William R. West. W.

Shiawassee st. Betty Cleeves. 5.5 Dnnlap st. IMPROPER PASSING James Campbell. R.

1, Lansinx. NO TAIL LIGHT L. C. Morris. 122U Case st.

NO LICENSE PLATES Vnrman Blarkwell. Hfi'25 W. Jolly rd. MOTOR RUNNING CAR UNATTENDED nf Sales Service. Ionia.

VIOLATION OF OPERATOR'S LICENSE Clifford T. rredencK, mm rosier ave. James Campbell. R. 1.

Lansins. Fines Paid RECKLESS DRIVING Ben Thomas, East Lansins, $15. SPEEDING Rexford E. Pryor. Schoolcraft, $4.

Voiffht A. Hovey. Mulliken. $5. Charles L.

Michitsch, 209 Potter S10. James Thornes. 1400 Coolidge 9. Paul E. Morehouse, Sunfield.

$7.50. Charles F. Olson, 801 W. Hillsdale $11. Ben Thomas, 2913 N.

East SIS. N. E. Hudson, 3326 Jewell t. Kenneth R.

Green, 1404 Glenrose $5. Donald F. Gilbert, 113 W. Hillsdale $10 Ponclas Grabm, 1M16 E. Irviniton $14.

Kinrsley Montcomery, 606 N. Pennsylvania $5. Rodney D. Colby. Ill Fenton $9.

RAN RED LIGHT Edwin John Moore, Perry. S6.70. Walter S. Nucent, Jackson. $4.

It. C. Brodock. 3H Aurelius S8. Dnrelle It.

Thomson, East 1 ansins, $8. NO SAFETY STOP Michael Malloy. 811 1 Chicaeo S5. Percy Hart. 2509 Hazelwood S5.

Herry G. Hetrhler, R. 1, Lansinr. $6. Ralph E.

Dauber. LU)6 George $4. FAILURE TO YIELD James G. Fournier, 413 E. Saginaw 8.

Marie H. Woodman. R. 2. Lansing, $6.

IMPROPER LEFT TURN Robert K. tons. Saginaw S6. BASIC SPEED Albert W. Songer, 1HH) Sanset S8.70.


S6. Classified Advertising -INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 Deaths 2 Card of Thanks 3 In Memoriam 4 Flowers. Mourning Goods 5 Funeral Directors 6 Monuments and Cemetery Lots 7 Personals 7A Drink, Dine. Dance 7B Bids Wanted 7C Buses. Pleasure Tour 8 Religious and Social Events 8A Sanitariums.

Doctors 9 Societies and Lodges 10 Lost, Found and Strayed AUTOMOTIVE A Automotive Agencies AA Airplanes 11 Automobiles for Sale 12 Auto Trucks for Sale 12A Auto Trailers 12B Auto Trailers for Rent 12C Wanted. House Trailers 12D Trailer Camp Sites 13 Auto Accessories. Tires, Parts 13A Auto Radios Parts 14 Autos and Trucks for Rent 15 Motorcycles and Bicycles 16 Repairing Service Stations 17 Wanted, Automotive 17A Wanted to Rent Automotive BUSINESS SERVICE 18 Business Service Offered 19 Building and Contracting 20 Cleaning, Dyeing and Renovating 21 Dressmaking and Millinery 21 A Exterminating. Fumigating 22 Heating. Plumbing and Roofing 23 Insurance and Surety Bonds 24 Laundering 25 Moving, Trucking.

Storage 25A Ashes Hauled. Dirt. Etc. 26 Painting, Papering, Decorating 27 Printing, Engraving. Buiding 28 Professional Services 29 Repairing and Refinishing 29A Beauty Parlors 30 Tailoring and Pressing 31 Wanted Business Service EMPLOYMENT 32 Help Wanted Female 33 Help Wanted Male 34 Help.

Male and Female 34A Employment Agencies 35 Solicitors, Canvassers. Agent! 36 Situations Wanted Female 37 Situations Wanted Male FINANCIAL 38 Business Opportunities 3BA Patents 38B Wanted Business Opportunity 39 Investments, Stocks, Bonds 40 Money to Loan 41 Wanted To Borrow INSTRUCTION 42 Correspondence Courses 42A Trade Schools 43 -Local Instruction Classes 44 Musical, Dancing, Dramatic 45 Private Instruction 46 Wanted Instruction LIVESTOCK 47 Dogs, Cats. Other Pets 47A Dog and Pet Food Supplies 48 Horses, Cattle. Other Stock 48A Bees and Supplies 49 Poultry and Supplies 50 Wanted Livestock MERCHANDISE 51 Articles for Sale 51B Swaps, Barter, Exchange 52 Boats and Accessories 52A Fishing, Hunting Supplies 53 Building. Building Materials 54 Business and Ofuce fcquipment 54A Cameras, Photos.

Supplies 5a Farm and Dairy Products 55A Farm Equipment, Supplies 55B Feed. Fertilizer 4 56 Coal. Wood. Fuel Oil 57 Good Things to Eat 58 Homemade Things 59 Household Goods 60 Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds 61 Machinery and Tools 62 Musical Merchandise 62A Radio Equipment 63 Seeds. Plants and Flowers 63A Nurseries 64 Specials at the Stores "You make me tired!" said Mr.

Wiggins. "Me, a grocer tryin" to get along, and you think I oughta give a hoot whether Michigan Bell makes any money or not." wswiv ieet. "You know you couldn't run your business without a telephone," I replied. "And the more people around here get telephones, the more customers you'll get for your order-by-telephone service. Then the telephone rang.

Mr. Wiggins answered, Jotting down a pretty good-sized order. "That was Mrs. Benson, a new customer of mine. She just got her telephone last week," he said as he hung up.

"So, if more people are to get telephones, and you are to get a share of their business, Michigan Bell has to show a fair profit. That's why I said it's good for you to have the telephone company make money." "Now what does it take to give more folks a telephone? More equipment! But that costs money money Michigan Bell has to get from investors. And where do investors put their money? It's in a company that's making money. Only a financially healthy telephone company can do all these things: Provide telephone jobs which help Keep on improving and expanding so you'll be able to have the kind of service you want, when and where ment and purchasing power in Michigan. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU.

Continue to assume its share of the tax burden for government services and educational THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU. To keep on doing all these things, we'll need additional money from investors. A nd the only thing that will attract that money is reasonable profit. This meant that telephone rates must he adequate. The additional cost to you would be smallonly fraction of a cent more per call.

you want it and you can call more people. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU. 2 Cany on the construction program to meet your telephone needs, which also means more jobs and more money in circulation. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU. Keep on buying millions of dollars worth of materials and supplies from Michigan industries.


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